US-Backed Militant Group Beheads Child Accused of Being a “Spy”

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Early this week, a video depicting the brutal beheading of a young boy by a militant group surfaced on the web. The group behind the beheading was Nour al-Din al-Zenki, a Syrian militant group backed by the US government. This Islamist rebel group is fighting alongside the Levant Front, the

Video footage of the US-backed militant group beheading child.

Video footage of the US-backed militant group beheading child.

Islamic Front and the Free Syrian Army to overthrow the Assad regime and battle ISIS, which is why the US has previously supplied the group with anti-tank missiles and money. The video shows members of the militant group in the back of a truck with the young child, no older than 12. The boy is to be beheaded because the group members claimed he was a spy and secretly supporting Assad’s forces. Before slitting the boy’s throat, one of the members shouts “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great.” He then takes a knife to the child’s throat and cuts off his head. The beheading occured

in the Palestinian refugee Handarat Camp in Northern Aleppo. According to Pamela Geller, “Sickening footage shot immediately before the boy is slaughtered shows him in ragged clothes surrounded by bearded militants in the back of a pick-up truck. One of them holds him by the hair and slaps him in the face. Judging by his ragged clothes and the marks on his arms, it appears the boy was impoverished and may have been tortured before he was murdered in the video.” After cutting off the boy’s head, the man places the head on the child’s lifeless back.

Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees from the Islamic State need diapers – Please help!

In a daily briefing on Tuesday, July 19, Mark Toner, Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department, commented “If [the United States] can prove indeed what happened and this group was involved in it…it would give us pause about any assistance or frankly any further involvement [with the group].” The State Department threatened the group, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, if the graphic videos of the beheading are true.

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