We Should Have Seen Europe’s Muslim Rape Crisis Coming

Jan 20th, 2016 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

MuslimRapefugeesThe Investigative Project On Terrorism (IPT), headed by Islamic terror expert Steve Emerson, published an important article yesterday by Abigail R. Esman on the growing Muslim rape culture in Europe.

She writes:

In the aftermath of New Year’s Eve’s mass rapes of European women by Muslim refugees, the questions have been repeated: Should we have known this kind of thing would happen? Could we have known? And from local bars to parliaments, from family dinners to the nightly news, the answers keep coming back: Yes; we could. Yes, we should.

But interestingly, the people who say this with the most conviction are not right-wing Muslim-bashers, or activists opposed to the settling of Syrian refugees in Europe. They are Muslims, and mostly Muslim women.

Over and over, these women, and other Western women who have worked in the Middle East and North Africa, pointed out the commonality of rape in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia (the MENASAS region), and noted the oppression of women in most cultures there. (The Kurds form a notable exception.)

Many point to the rapes in Tahrir Square in 2011 and 2013 as cautionary tales, describing the so-called “circle of hell” that women faced then: lone women surrounded by men whose hands groped and pulled, ripped and pressed, and eventually overpowered. A 2013 study conducted after the attacks showed that a stunning 99 percent of Egyptian women had experienced some sort of sexual harassment.

True, these asylum-seekers are not Egyptian, but the signs were there all along. And despite new crackdowns on male asylum-seeker from the region, the problem is likely to continue so long as conservative Muslim men remain among their ranks, finding their way into European cities as new citizens. Observed Brenda Stoter, a reporter and sociologist who has spent several years covering women in the region for Al Jazeera and Dutch newspaper De Groene, in a recent essay, “Anyone who thinks that you can bring the Arabic world to Europe without social inequality, cultural differences, and the influence of religion, ignores the facts.”

Read the rest of her article at The Investigative Project and realize that this same horror is coming to the United States this year, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations, and “religious” refugee resettlement outfits that get big bucks per head for every “refugee” they can dump into communities all over the United States.

“Infidel” women of America: Get ready for the “circle of hell” coming soon to your town. You can thank Obama and the Democrats for your impending gang rape by savage Muslim “refugee” men.



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