Child Soldiers Taken By ISIS Reveal How They Were Told To Kill Their Parents

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ISISChildKillersHoodedFrom The UK Daily Mail:

Former ISIS child soldiers have revealed how the jihadi group snatch young boys from their families and subject them to savage punishments if they refuse to become child soldiers.

One 11-year-old boy, known only as Nouri, had one of his legs broken after he refused to become a ‘cub of the caliphate.’

The children who managed to escape describe how they were indoctrinated into the jihadi group’s radical brand of Islam and taught that they should execute their ‘unbeliever’ parents.  

A Kurdish commander described the challenge his men face when fighting against ISIS. He said that ISIS frequently send children out on the frontline, wearing concealed explosive vests.

Aziz Abdullah Hadur said that when fighting on the Gweyr frontline, his men had witnessed numerous child soldiers fighting for ISIS on the frontline.

‘Many times when we are facing ISIS, we see the children at the front line and they’re wearing explosive vests. They are brainwashed,’ he told CNN.

He explained how he was often faced with the challenge of helping children who have been freed by ISIS but who could be suicide bombers.

‘When they make it through our lines they kill our fighters. It’s an unbelievably hard decision. You don’t know what to do because if you don’t kill them they’ll kill you,’ he lamented.

The growing trend for ISIS to use child soldiers as suicide bombers, particularly in Iraq, has been suggested as a sign of how stretched their resources are in the region.

Pictures of teenage suicide bombers without even a hint of a beard have began to be a common sight on social media as ISIS repeatedly target younger recruits.

One former child soldier revealed the emotional impact of being taken from his parents and being forced to become a soldier.

‘We weren’t allowed to cry but I would think about my mother, think about her worrying about me and I’d try and cry quietly,’ he said.

Read the rest of this story at UK Daily Mail. This is the Muslim terrorist threat the world faces today – and it is unlikely to improve until there is a new leader in the White House in 2017.

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