Muslim Jihadist Attacks Polio Vaccination Center, Killing 15

Jan 14th, 2016 | By | Category: News Posts

PakistanSuicideBombPolioCenterKills15A Muslim suicide bomber has attacked a polio vaccination center in Pakistan and has killed 15 people, including 13 policemen. Twenty-three were wounded.

The attack has been sparked by Muslim clerics who have declared that vaccinations are “un-Islamic.” So, of course, Muslim fanatics feel compelled to slaughter health care workers and policemen.

According to an AP report:

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives among the police officers, said provincial home minister Sarfraz Bugti. “We’re in a war zone,” he added.

The bombing happened outside the polio center shortly before vaccination teams were due to be dispatched to local neighborhoods as part of a three-day immunization campaign, said Syed Imtiaz Shah, the local police chief.

Hours after the attack, Ahmad Marwat, who described himself as a spokesman for Jundullah, or Army of God, a little-known militant group, claimed responsibility for the assault, without explaining why the center was targeted. He warned of more attacks on polio teams in the future.

Polio workers in Pakistan, and their police escorts, have been targeted in recent years by Islamic militants who accuse them of working as spies for the United States.

Polio has been mostly eradicated in the world, but Pakistan is one of three countries where this dreaded disease is running rampant. Apparently Muslim clerics would prefer to have paralyzed Muslims than healthy ones. Bad theology leads to horrific consequences, including death by suicide bombers against health care workers trying to protect lives.

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