Christian Militias Fighting Against Islamic State In Syria

Dec 7th, 2015 | By | Category: News Posts

ChristianMilitiaMEMRIMEMRI has recently posted a video showing members of a Christian militia in Syria training to fight Islamic State terrorists in their country.

Christian militias and Kurdish forces fighting ISIS have received almost no aid whatsoever from the Obama Regime. Instead, Obama and his crony John McCain have spent millions to train a handful of “moderate” Syrian rebels who later joined the other side or ran from the battlefield, leaving their equipment to Islamic State terrorists.

Obama seems determined to do too little, too late and to arm people who won’t fight, while ignoring those who are dedicated to destroying Islamic State terrorism. In addition, he has enforced rules of engagement on our military that hamper any possibility of actually defeating the 7th Century barbarians who are committing genocide against Christians throughout the Middle East.

Should Christian refugee children be allowed to celebrate Christmas?


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