Saudis Continue Assault On Human Rights Around The World

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Sword-wielding members of the Saudi religious police. Their job is to behead apostates.

Sword-wielding members of the Saudi religious police. Their job is to behead apostates.

The Islamist government of Saudi Arabia has been hard at work to destroy human rights and to spread its brand of Sunni totalitarianism.

Inside Saudi Arabia, government officials are planning on a mass execution of 50 who have been accused of “terrorism” against the state. In addition, the Saudis are going to publicly execute a Palestinian poet named Ashraf Fayadh. He is being accused of apostacy.

Fayadh was detained by the Saudi religious police in 2013 and rearrested in 2014. He was sentenced to four years in prison and 800 lashes. His sentence had now been changed to death.

On the international front, the Saudi government is trying to unify the Sunni terrorists who are trying to overthrow the non-Sunni government of Syria.

As the BBC reports:

Saudi Arabia’s effort to unite Syrian rebels in Riyadh next week will be a big test of its regional ambitions after years of bickering between opposition groups and serious misgivings about the initiative among major powers with a stake in the war.

Since King Salman took power in January, Riyadh has tried to position itself as leader of the Sunni Muslim world, most of whom want to see Syrian President Bashar Assad toppled and the influence of his ally, Iran, curbed.

Riyadh now sees an opportunity to shape the war in Syria after the Russian intervention, the European refugee crisis and the Paris attacks reawakened international engagement with the conflict and the threat posed by Daesh (ISIS).

“This conference is meant to change the situation on the ground,” said a senior Western diplomat in the Gulf, pointing to the need to strengthen what he called the “moderate opposition” in Syria, which opposes both Assad and Daesh.

The United States, in effect, is helping the Saudis overthrow a sovereign nation so it can install a Sunni government in its place.

We have stepped into a Sunni-Shiite civil war that has been going on for centuries and will not end until one side is victorious.

The Religious Freedom Coalition has been working to inform member of Congress about the dangers of Saudi Arabia to our freedoms and to the freedoms of Christians around the world. One of our closest allies in this fight is Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who clearly understands the dangers of Saudi Arabia. He has joined us in our campaign to boycott Saudi Arabia and to stop providing it with military assistance so it can spread Wahhabist terrorism around the globe.

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