Saudi Young Man To Beheaded And Crucified For Protests

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This young man faces imminent beheading and crucifixion in Saudi Arabia.

This young man faces imminent beheading and crucifixion in Saudi Arabia.

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, 21, may soon be beheaded and his body crucified and left to rot in public in Saudi Arabia. Al-Nimr participated in a protest against the Saudi government when he was 17.

When he was arrested in 2012, the police confiscated his Blackberry phone and claimed he was carrying a gun.

He was sentenced in 2014 by the Specialized Criminal Court, which handles cases against terrorists and human rights activists.

According to the UK Daily Mail:

The decision was condemned by activists and human rights groups around the world, who argued he was being put to death for a crime he committed as a child and he was tortured into giving a false confession.

Despite facing an agonising wait to be yanked from his cell and beheaded by a state-sanctioned executioner, he remains incredibly stoic.

The source close to his family, who spoke to Ali over the phone, said: ‘He was so optimistic. He wasn’t scared. Even after he was given the death penalty, he never showed any fear.’

The lives of his family members, who live in constant fear that he will be executed at a moment’s notice, have been ripped apart by what they deem an act of vengeance.

‘They feel sad, they feel hopeless – helpless. They lie awake at night thinking about how he’s doing in prison, wondering if he is thinking about the death penalty,’ MailOnline’s source said.

‘His father is a very strong man but I can feel that he’s not acting normal any more – he is broken.

‘And his mother loves him so much. She says forget about it, don’t worry, but I can see that she is worried a lot. They are going to kill their child – nobody can handle that.’

The hacking group Anonymous has started an Internet campaign to help free Al-Nimr: @OperationNimr.

Read more on this latest example of Saudi Arabian brutality: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr faces execution in Saudi Arabia for taking part in protest | Daily Mail Online; Mother of Saudi Man Condemned to Crucifixion Appeals to Obama to Intervene.

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