Prisons: Microcosms Of Islamic Supremacy And Western Idiocy

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MuslimPrisonersExcerpted from an article by Raymond Ibrahim, an expert on Islamic theology and terrorism.

Islam’s Rule of Numbers holds that, wherever and whenever Muslims grow in numbers, the same acts of “anti-infidel” violence that are endemic to the Islamic world grow with them.

This has become especially evident in one Western institution that has a disproportionately large number of Muslims: prisons.  Several anecdotes just surfaced last month alone.

Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire recently became the first Muslim-majority prison in Britain.  Between the ages of 22 and 39, Muslims now represent 56 per cent of the population there.  “Prisoners and staff found the Muslim presence overwhelming” says a recent report. Non-Muslims “were often bullied into converting to Islam, and those who resisted were too scared to cook pork in communal kitchens in case it caused offence.”

As for those non-Muslim inmates who refuse to convert, they are being pressured to pay a “protection tax”—or in Islamic parlance, jizya—to Muslim gangs.  Along with Whitemoor prison, the collection of jizya is taking place in at least three other of Britain’s largest prisons.

According to a new investigation, “religious extremists in prison are using bullying tactics and violent threats to force prisoners to convert or pay money.  Tobacco and other luxury commodities smuggled inside prisons are often used by non-Muslims to pay the tax, while some victims said they had to ask friends and family for money….  Faced with the option of paying up or suffering at the hands of the radicals, some prisoners have been pressured into converting to Islam to ease their time in prison.”

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This is the “religion of peace” operating within the prison system not only in the UK, but in the United States as well. Read the rest of this story at: Prisons: Microcosms of Islamic Supremacy and Western Idiocy – Israel News. And, read more about the radicalization of prisoners in U.S. prisons: U.S. Prisons Churning Out Thousands Of Radicalized Inmates | The Daily Caller.


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