Floggings Begin Again For Saudi Blogger

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This Saudi blogger faces 10 years and 1,000 lashings for "insulting" Islam.

This Saudi blogger faces 10 years and 1,000 lashings for “insulting” Islam.

Raif Badawi, a Saudi critic of Saudi’s anti-democratic government and its religious police network, was arrested in 2012 and sentenced to a decade in prison and 1,000 floggings.

Badawi endured 50 floggings in January and became so weak he almost died from his injuries. The Saudi government halted the floggings until he could heal. These floggings are to begin again soon and will be done weekly – 50 lashes at a time for 20 weeks in a row.

Until his arrest, he wrote a blog called “Saudi Arabian Liberals” where he advocated for secularism in this religious dictatorship.

His wife Ensaf Haidar, and their three children live in Canada where she has campaigned for his release from prison. She has set up the Raif Badawi Foundation website to secure his release from the floggings and from prison.

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Haidar has appealed to the Saudi King Salman to release her husband. She has pleaded: “I call on his Majesty King Salman to gracefully end my husband’s ordeal and to pardon him. I also appeal to his Majesty to allow him to be deported to Canada to be reunited with his family and children, who have been deprived of their father for more than four years.”

She is now using Twitter to appeal to the new leftist Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for her husband’s release.

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