Bizarrely, Putin Is Talking More Sense On Syria Than Anyone Else

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PutinAssadOur Syria plans have been a total shambles – leaving a vacuum for Russia’s.

Middle East expert John Bradley, writing for the UK Spectator, notes that he had long predicted that the West’s war against the Syrian government would fail. Why? Because the Syrians would not rise up against Assad and because the “so-called secular rebels were in fact vicious Islamists in disguise.”

He further predicted that Western interests in the region would be undermined by Saudi and Iranian militias who would fight a proxy war in the region. He also predicted that such efforts by the West might provoke a full-blown war with Russia.

Bradley continues:

Vladimir Putin now pitches himself as Europe’s migrant-crisis savior. Only by saving Assad, he argued, can we stem the flow. Bizarrely, he sounds as though he is making more sense than anyone else. Assad’s forces, long thought to be on the verge of collapse, meanwhile celebrated the bolstering of their military arsenal by bombing Islamic State targets in the north. Wave after wave of airstrikes hit their targets with previously unimaginable precision. Who would object to that? Senior Washington and London politicians, after years of repeating like a mantra that The Evil Dictator Assad Must Go Now, suddenly found themselves mumbling, that, come to think of it, Assad does not need to go just yet after all.

In fact, Assad has been a stabilizing force and has protected Christians and other religious minorities for years. But ever since Obama decided he must go, there has been only bloodshed, death, destruction and millions of refugees fleeing the Islamic State.

In his black Islamist heart, Obama must see this as a victory for his ideological soul mates, but it has been a genocidal tragedy that now threatens Europe with destruction at the hands of Islamists posing as “refugees.” The result of his pro-Islam policies will be felt for decades to come.

Read the John Bradley’s complete commentary at UK Spectator.


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