Dozens Of Saudi Clerics Call For Jihad Against Russia & Syria

Oct 13th, 2015 | By | Category: News Posts

Saudi&SyriaFifty-five Saudi clerics have recently signed a joint statement calling for Jihad against Russia and Syria for bombing Islamic State terrorists.

The statement was issued after Russia began bombing ISIS targets and other terrorists who are seeking the overthrow of Syrian President Assad.

According to these Saudis: “The holy warriors of Syria are defending the whole Islamic nation. Trust them and support them … because if they are defeated, God forbid, it will be the turn of one Sunni country after another.”

As reports:

The sectarian statement runs contrary to the Saudi government’s rhetoric and the country’s law. Officially, Riyadh is doing all it can to prevent citizens from privately funding militants abroad and leaving the country to join the fighting in Syria.

The long-lasting bloody conflict in Syria, which some view in the context of Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran struggling for dominance in the region, has fueled sectarian sentiments.

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In March of 2014, invitations to join conflicts were outlawed in Saudi Arabia by a decree that put terrorist groups such as Islamic State and the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front on the forbidden list. Anyone breaching the law faces a long prison term.

Russia started its anti-IS operation in Syria last week following a request from President Bashar Assad. The strikes are aimed at providing air support to Syrian government troops, which have been failing to contain the spread of jihadist militants in the war-torn country.

More than 3,000 militants, including IS terrorists, reportedly fled Syria following the commencement of the Russian campaign.

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