British Activist Calls On Churches To Address Female Genital Mutilation

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A victim of female genital mutilation cries out.

A victim of female genital mutilation cries out.

Dr. Ann Marie Wilson, with the anti-FGM group “28 Too Many” has issued a call to churches in England to address the issue of Female Genital Mutilation – as if this were widespread in churches.

According to Wilson, “FGM predates Islam and Christianity and although it is not part of any religion, it is practiced by both Christians and Muslims.”

The Gatestone Institute paints a far more accurate picture of FGM in Britain – and it’s primarily a Muslim practice, not a Christian practice. It’s unlikely that Wilson will call on Muslims to stop the practice for fear of getting her head cut off with a pocket knife.

As the Gatestone Institute reports:

British girls are often sent abroad during the summer to be mutilated by “house doctors” in their ancestral countries. Others are being sent to Dubai and Singapore for a more “medicalized” form of FGM. But equally large numbers of girls are being cut in Britain, according to London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

More than 20,000 girls under the age of 15 are believed to be at high risk of FGM in England and Wales this year alone, according to government estimates.

Britain’s FGM problem is massive and growing, and observers say the solutions implemented so far to reverse the trend have been largely ineffective. Despite years of private and public sector efforts aimed at stopping the practice, there is now a very real sense that the UK’s fight against FGM is failing to gain traction.

FGM—which involves the removal of the clitoris and part of the labia minora under the pretext that this will protect a girl’s chastity—is endemic in Muslim-majority countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Three million girls between infancy and age fifteen are subject to FGM every year, and it is believed that 140 million women worldwide are suffering from the lifelong consequences of the practice.

Read more on this grisly and barbaric practice: UK: Uphill Battle in Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation.



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  1. Grace says:

    This practice is BARBARIC and should be stopped immediately. What gives these monsters the right to mutilate what God has given to women?