New Saudi King Imposing Reverse Reforms In Sunni Nation

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Saudi King Salman.

Saudi King Salman.

King Salman, the brother of King Abdullah, who died in January, is imposing new reforms on Saudi Arabia, but not the kind that involves expanded freedoms for the Saudi people.

King Salman has delegated much power to his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman and to his nephew Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is known simply as MBN.

His son is running economic development and social affairs. His nephew is responsible for foreign policy and internal security. It is MBN who is considered the most ruthless in his suppression of freedom in Saudi Arabia.

One Saudi activist said of him: 

All roads lead to Mohammed bin Nayef when it comes to the people who are in prison for political reasons. They say he’s very effective in fighting terrorism. From my point of view that is not true, but in any case otherwise it seems that civil society is over.

One of those in prison is Raif Badawi, an atheist blogger who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes before world outrage pressured the Saudis to suspend that punishment.

According to a Wall Street Journal article:

Under their leadership, confirmed by Wednesday’s changes in the line of succession, Saudi Arabia has become increasingly independent of Washington as it wages a war in neighboring Yemen while opening up to conservative Islamic clerics who opposed the late king’s liberal reforms.

Within days after taking power, King Salman replaced the head of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and removed another man who had tried to defang the dreaded religious police.

Under Salman, the religious police has become far more active in shopping malls and raiding beach-front compounds used by foreigners.

The Wall Street Journal notes:

Mohsen al Awaji, an Islamist lawyer and activist who was imprisoned six times, most recently in 2013, praised King Salman’s new outreach to fellow conservatives as ‘a very positive indication.’

“’During King Abdullah, a lot of the decisions were taken against the will of the people—in internal and external affairs. King Abdullah had opened a very serious conflict with the conservatives,’ Mr. Awaji said. ‘But King Salman is a man of common sense.’”

That is frightening praise from an Islamist for the new King of Saudi Arabia – our supposed “ally” in opposing the spread of Shiite Muslims aligned with Iran.

Karen Elliott House, a journalist and author of On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines – And Future told The Huffington Post:

Given King Salman’s close ties with the Wahhabi religious establishment, I would expect that the new king will be if anything tougher on dissent in the kingdom.

Richard Spencer, a reporter for the UK Telegraph notes that King Salman is letting the religious police be more oppressive than ever in its imposition of Sharia law – especially on women.

As Saudi political analyst Abdullah al Shammari told the Wall Street Journal:

Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam, and it is not our choice to be liberal. The moment Saudi Arabia tries to be liberal, it will collapse.

It is clear that under King Salman, Saudi Arabia is going to become more of a police state than ever and any small human rights gains made under King Abdullah, will evaporate.

Saudi Arabia is an evil empire and today it is fighting against Iran for control of the Middle East – and eventual world domination. It is currently the most oppressive regime on earth when it comes to human rights violations and the mistreatment of women.





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