Red Crescent over Hollywood

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America’s Enemies Influence Entertainment – Exclusive to the Religious Freedom Coalition

By Andrew Harrod, PhD.

Hollywood is silent on Islamic extremism being sileneced by both money and fear

Hollywood is silent on Islamic extremism being silenced by both money and fear

“We are primarily in a war of ideas…between freedom and tyranny,” declared attorney and anti-Islamism activist Deborah Weiss on February 24 before an audience of about 20 at Washington, DC’s National Press Club.  Focusing on Hollywood’s media industry as a key “agent for social change” and “information dominance,” Weiss and other panelists examined the dangerous sociopolitical influences of America’s past and present Marxist and Muslim enemies.

Cliff Kincaid, president of event host America’s Survival, Inc., opened the panel by discussing “Hollywood’s anti-American bent,” often under leftist influences.  This had a long tradition, historian Allan Ryskind later explained while discussing “serious Reds” in Hollywood who “were with Stalin in his prime killing years.”  Kincaid elaborated that “America’s media and Hollywood are all for sale.”  The 2012 Red Dawn remake, for example, presented North Koreans, not Chinese, invading America in order not to offend sensibilities in an important Chinese market.

Similarly, lobbyists for the Gulf State Qatar blocked congressional investigation of the sale of Al Gore’s Current TV to Al Jazeera, a cable network based in Qatar that promotes that country’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Kincaid later observed during audience questioning that Fox News “basically apologized for no reason at all” after reporting on poor Muslim immigrant assimilation in often dangerous European “no-go” zones.  He speculated about influence on the cable news network of Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor in Fox News’ News Corp parent company.

Kincaid referenced the 2008 presidential election of “Comrade Obama, peace be upon him,” as an example of how cultural forces could shift politics leftward in what Marxist Frank Chapman described as a “dialectical leap.”  Author Trevor Loudon extended this analysis to Congress, where he estimated that 60 members had Marxist ideological backgrounds, “treason going on right in the heart of your government.”  Media and political failures allowed individuals like the “Muslim Marxist” Representative Andre Carson into the congressional intelligence committee while federal job seekers often underwent security investigation.

Not longstanding leftist, but more recent “Islamist influence in Hollywood” was Weiss’ focus.  An “underlying motivational ideology” of “establishing an Islamic caliphate and implementing worldwide sharia law” inspired some Muslims to perpetrate bloody attacks around the world in places like Paris, Copenhagen, and Iraq under the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  Yet “methodical, peaceful, slow, and gradual” methods in the name of this ideology “are more pernicious” than violence, for they allow Islamists to “slip in under the radar.”

Weiss concentrated on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a “go to mouthpiece in the media” that professes to be a “Muslim civil rights organization” but “basically serves as the propaganda wing for Hamas.”  CAIR executive director Nihad Awad declared prior to Al Qaeda’s (AQ) September 11, 2001, attacks that “Hollywood has done the work that the Zionists could not have” and “shown freedom fighters as terrorists,” meaning groups like Hamas.  “Since 9/11 Hollywood has drastically changed,” Weiss observed, under “Islamist influence allied with naïve, coerced, bullied, or self-hating, anti-American Hollywood elites.”  “The pattern in Hollywood films today is that it shows the denigration of Christianity and the West, it rewrites history to suit its own political purposes, and it whitewashes Islamic terrorism, sometimes even exalting Islam itself.”

The film Sum of All Fears, for example, substituted Muslim terrorists in a Tom Clancy novel involving nuclear weapons with Austrian neo-Nazis, meaning that the movie has “no sense at all,” Weiss observed.  CAIR pressured the producers of the crusades film Kingdom of Heaven to hire an anti-American, anti-Israeli consultant and to give CAIR a prescreening.  The resulting movie portrays Christians as “murderers and hypocrites and Muslims as morally superior.”  Boycotts of CBS by CAIR’s New York chapter likewise brought the removal of references to Muslims from a terrorism documentary.

The Fox’s award-winning hit 24 also drew CAIR’s ire, even though the action series did not feature Muslim terrorists until its fourth season following a 2001 premiere.  CAIR’s criticism caused Fox to eliminate several story lines and air CAIR public service announcements with the theme “I am an American Muslim.”  Fox also added disclaimers to 24 noting that the series was fiction and that terrorists come from all backgrounds.  

CAIR has no concern for media “reciprocity” with other maligned groups, such as Jews subjected to prevalent anti-Semitism in Muslim-majority countries, Weiss critiqued.  CAIR wants to see “anybody and everybody except for Muslims” as terrorists in the media.  Thus CAIR has no objections to award-winning films such as Paradise Now, a movie glorifying terrorism directed by an Israeli-born Arab.  The same holds for Munich, a movie that equated Israeli counterterrorism with Arab terrorism, and Syriania, a movie blaming the United States for Islamic terrorism.  

Islamists are active not just in Hollywood, as Weiss showed with her discussion of billionaire Prince Talal.  Talal once offered New York City $10 million in post-9/11 relief, but Mayor Rudy Giuliani returned Talal’s check after he criticized American support of Israel as a cause for AQ’s attacks.  The next year Talal gave CAIR $500,000 in order to distribute Qurans banned from the Los Angeles school district for their anti-Semitic commentaries. 

Talal has also funded institutions like his namesake, Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (“Muslim has to come first,” Weiss commented upon ACMCU’s non-alphabetic order).  Talal’s money at Harvard University and other throughout academia “is spent to whitewash Islamic terrorism, to lie to the students about what sharia law is, and what Islamist goals are.”  Talal reflects that “Saudi Arabia’s number one export” is terrorism-abetting strict Wahhabi Islam, upon which Saudi Arabia spent $70 billion in 1975-2002 alone.

Weiss worried that leftist and Islamist influences are “literally rewriting history” in American schools.  The native New Yorker and 9/11 survivor bemoaned that many in Gotham still had not properly understood the ideology that struck in 2001.  “Too most young people Communism is a T-shirt,” Loudon concurred in finding woeful ignorance about past ideological crimes among younger generations.  Weiss called for parents to “educate your children” and “arm them with facts and values.”

Such combined influences from mutually opposed Islamists and leftists indicated to Loudon that “mafia gangs will work together when it suits them.”  Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and his Soviet counterpart Josef Stalin, for example, once cooperated.  Weiss mentioned bitterly divided Shiite and Sunni Muslims willing to unite in hate against America and Israel. 

Weiss emphasized that Islamist “anti-freedom political goals” demanded open discussion about the “nature of the enemy.”  “Are you going to fight for classical liberal values,” she challenged journalists, filmmakers, and others, “or are you going to be complicit…with Islamist supremacists groups” in “winning this war without ever firing a shot.”  “This country is still standing,” Loudon optimistically concluded.  “It really is impressive how much people still love this country.”

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