Saudi Blogger Could Be Severely Debilitated After 1,000 Lashes

Feb 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

If Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi is forced to endure the 950 floggings left in his sentence, he could experience severe long-term physical and mental damage, according to a medical expert.

The report’s release further validates the importance of a recent plea from a U.S. government panel offering to divide the lashes amongst themselves. The panel includes Christian, Muslim and Jewish members, each willing to take 100 of Badawi’s 1,000 lashings sentence.

“His crimes were nothing more than exercising his fundamental international human rights to freedom of expression, freedom of speech and advocacy for reform in the kingdom,” U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Chair Katrina Lantos-Swett told CBN News.

CBN News spoke with USCIRF Chair Katrina Lantos-Swett about Saudi blogger Raif Badawi’s case and why they are offfering to take his lashes for him.

Lantos-Swett is one of the commissioners offering to take some of Badawi’s punishment.

“We felt that we wanted to do more than simply protest in words this very unjust punishment. We wanted to stand beside him and stand in his place,” Lantos-Swett said.

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