Hezbollah Chief Warns Against Spread Of Wahhabist Ideology

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Sayyed Nasrallah is deeply concerned over Saudi Arabia.

Sayyed Nasrallah is deeply concerned over Saudi Arabia.

You know things are really bad in the Middle East when the head of the Shiite terrorist group known as Hezbollah is calling upon Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of Jihadist terrorism around the world.

According to Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, “Saudi Arabia bares primary responsibility for preventing the spread of this ideology, which he describes as a “Wahhabist mentality.”

Nasrallah, a Shiite Muslim, claims that Sunni Muslims have distorted Islam – and that Jihadist terrorism poses “a threat to Islam as a religion [as well as] its principles and values.”

Nasrallah claims that Wahhabists fabricate verses in the Koran to justify violence, but this isn’t true. The call to violence is embedded in the Koran and is part of the Muslim doctrine of Jihad against the “infidel.”

Hezbollah clearly understands that Sunnis far outnumber Shiites and that they’re on the march around the globe. Shiites are a target of Sunni wrath over theological differences – and Sunni terrorists are determined to conquer Shiite lands.

Shiite terrorist groups like Hezbollah, however, are just as evil as Sunni terrorist groups like the Islamic State – and Sunni Saudi Arabia is one of the prime exporters of Wahhabist ideology around the world. (In an ideal world, these two Islamic groups would just kill each other and leave the rest of us alone, but that isn’t likely to happen. Both are imperialistic in their worldviews and conquering the “infidel” is part of the global Jihad designed to impose Sharia law on every person on the planet.)

Saudi’s kings and princes rule over a repressive country that permits no religious freedom for other religions and is ruthless in its beheadings of “infidels” and criminals. In this, it is no different than the Islamic State butchers who routinely behead their victims and post the beheadings online.

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