Saudi Arabia Sentences Outspoken Shiite Cleric To Death

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President Obama bows before the tyrant monster who rules Saudi Arabia

Obama bows to Saudi King and looks the other way as Saudi Arabia supports Islamic State terrorism.

The following has been excerpted from a Reuters News report.  

RIYADH: A Saudi judge sentenced to death a prominent cleric Wednesday who has called for greater rights for the kingdom’s Shiites, the cleric’s brother said, two years after his arrest prompted deadly protests in the oil-producing east of the country.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was detained in July 2012 following demonstrations that erupted in February 2011 in Qatif district, home to many of the Sunni-ruled country’s Shiite minority.

His brother, Mohammed al-Nimr, reported Wednesday’s sentencing on his Twitter account. The sentence could raise tensions in Qatif, which has historically been the focal point of anti-government demonstrations demanding an end to discrimination, but where the frequency of protests has died down over the past year.

Last year a prosecutor said he was seeking to convict Nimr for “aiding terrorists”.

Former interior minister Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz previously accused Nimr of being “mentally unbalanced”.

His capture, during which he was shot and wounded by police, prompted several days of protests in which three people were killed. Protests continued sporadically in Qatif, where more than 20 people have died in violence, until 2013.

Nimr has become the most prominent cleric calling for more rights for the Shiite minority and is accused by the government of helping to instigate the unrest which broke out in Qatif during the Arab uprisings in 2011. However, he has not called for violence against the government or Sunnis, say Shiites in the Eastern Province.

Editor’s Note: Saudi Arabia is one of the most ruthless Islamic countries in the world. It permits no Christian churches or other religions, and has helped fund Islamic terrorist groups around the globe. It also funds the establishment of Wahhabist mosques in the U.S. as part of what Islamists call “civilization jihad” against the West. Read more: FrontPage Magazine – Terrorists: Swimming in Saudi Money; Saudi Arabia sentences outspoken Shiite cleric to death | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR. Funding of Jihad and Terrorism – Discover the Networks

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