Saudi King Helps Obama Fight ISIL By Arresting Christians

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A new video editorial by William J. Murray, the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, exposes the duplicity of the Saudi royal family as King Abdullah pledges to assist in the fight against the ISIL and then arrests dozens of Christian guest workers for praying in their homes.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently announced that the Saudi government would join the fight against the Islamic State or ISIL. What does that mean exactly? Will they send some of their F-15s or new Eurofighter Typhoons to bomb the ISIL? NO. Will they send in ground forces? NO. Will they send weapons to the Iraqi government to fight the ISIL? NO.

By joining the fight John Kerry meant that the Saudi King would give his verbal permission for the United States to spend treasury and blood fighting the ISIL for him. King Abdullah didn’t even go that far. Rather he announced that the ISIL fighters were not true to Islam and gave his permission to other Muslims to fight them if they so desired. His army and air force will do nothing. In the past King Abdullah supported the jihadist efforts to oust President Assad of Syria. But the ISIL has become a threat to the Kingdom as it declared a superior Caliphate.

William J Murray at demonstration supporting Iraqi Christians

William J Murray at demonstration near the White House in support of Iraqi Christians

Having made a statement against the Sunni terrorist army, the Sunni King had to prove he was still true to Islam himself so he ordered a massive round up of Christian foreign workers who had made the grievous sin of praying in Jesus name on sacred Sunni Saudi soil. As usual the round up was conducted by the dreaded religious police who begin the torture of “suspects” on the way to the police van. Their favorite form of torture on Christians is to whip the bottom of the feet until they bleed.

The Saudi royals are allies of the United States which sells them sophisticated military hardware and police equipment including high tech surveillance equipment to fight “terror” and/or finding Christians praying in their homes. The bowing of America to the despotic, inhuman rulers of Saudi Arabia must stop. Americans raise up your voices!

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