Jihad In America: College Student Killed By Home-Grown Jihadist

Sep 19th, 2014 | By | Category: News Posts

Jihadist Killer Ali Muhammad Brown

Brown picked Tevlin at random for slaughter because he was angry about the Muslims who have been killed in the Middle East by American soldiers. There is no clearer example of Islamic terrorism on our soil than this brutal killing.

Brown is a convicted sex offender (who raped a six-year-old girl) has also been charged with killing three others in Seattle. Two of them were “gay.” The man is a serial Jihadist killer.

In 2004, Brown and 13 other Muslims were arrested for bank fraud. Prosecutors believed he was involved in a scheme to send money to terrorist groups overseas. He should be in GITMO for aiding and abetting terrorist plots.

Brendan Tevlin’s parents appeared on “Greta” recently to discuss their son’s murder by Ali Muhammad Brown.


Read more about this home-grown stone-cold Jihadist killer: Ali Muhammad Brown ‘executed four in revenge for American attacks in Middle East’ | Daily Mail Online; Parents of student allegedly killed by self-professed domestic jihadist go ‘On the Record’ | Fox News.  




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  1. eric says:

    Death penalty case. Prime example of thugland America.