Children Of ISIS Killers Play With Severed Heads

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The children of ISIS carrying severed heads and AK47s.

The children of ISIS carrying severed heads and AK47s.

The Irish Mirror has recently posted grotesque photos of the children of Islamic State terrorists playing with the severed heads of Christians or Muslim “apostates” who have been the victims of the ISIS cruelty.

As Steve Robson reports in the Mirror:

Parading severed heads in front of pals like a new toy, this is the life of children growing up in the Islamic State.

Sickening images have emerged of boys no more than 10-year-old revelling in the bloodbath which has engulfed the region.

Another picture shows a youngster holding a Kalashnikov and posing beside the body of a crucified rebel soldier.

The horrific scenes emerged after pictures of a baby surrounded by guns and grenades was posted online yesterday by ISIS.

Muslim leaders will use sermons today to reiterate their opposition to extremism, urge young people not to join fundamentalist fighters, and call for the release of all hostages held by the Islamic State.

The Koran, of course, urges Muslims to behead and crucify their enemies. In verse 47:4, the Koran states: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks.”

In verse 5:33, the Koran states that the infidels “will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off…”

Beheadings, amputations, and rapes are part of Islamic theology. Members of the Islamic State are just bringing up their children to be “good,” orthodox Muslims who follow the Koran to the letter.

Western leaders must understand that this is going to be a generational war. Islamists are training up a new generation of killers that will continue to threaten Western civilization for decades to come. If we fail to understand this, we are doomed.

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