Saudi King Calls Israel’s Gaza Campaign ‘State-Sponsored Terrorism’

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This is Saudi "justice."

This is Saudi “justice.”

Saudi King Abdullah – the man Obama bowed to several year ago – has made worldwide headlines today with his accusation that Israel is guilty of war crimes and state-sponsored terrorism against Hamas!

Such accusations are ridiculous, given Saudi Arabia’s long-time practice of spreading radical Islamic terrorism around the world – and persecuting its own citizens with beheadings, honor killings, and other atrocities against human rights.

It is clear that Saudi Arabia is a state-sponsor of terrorism, just as is Iran.

As has reported:

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi (Fundamentalist Sunni) Islamic society wholly violates the basic inalienable human rights of all its citizens. In Saudi Arabia, there is no freedom of the press, no free elections, no freedom of association, and no rights to free speech.

Life is considerably more difficult for women, as they are not valued as moral or legal equals to men. Women are forbidden from leaving their home without a male counterpart and are disallowed from driving automobiles. 

Saudi Arabia sanctions “honor killings.” In 2008, a Saudi woman was killed by her father for the “crime” of chatting with someone on Facebook. A Saudi cleric brought up the case not to judge the father, but rather to condemn the existence of Facebook. “Facebook is a door to lust, and young women and men are spending more on their mobile phones and the internet than they are spending on food,” he said. In Veiled Atrocities: True Stories of Oppression in Saudi Arabia, author Sami Alrabaa gives us countless example of the atrocities committed on behalf of the Saudi regime. The Saudi Kingdom’s mutawas (morality police) have been known to commit countless horrific acts against innocent women. Frequent examples include stonings, beheadings, and rape.

There is not one church in Saudi Arabia – and Christians who dare speak out are either beaten, imprisoned, or killed.

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and had been bred in Wahabbi Islamist hatred of Western civilization. In addition, 80% of the enemy combatants at GITMO are Saudi nationals.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia funds the establishment of Islamic Schools around the globe that promote hatred of America and Israel.

Read more on the danger that Saudi Arabia poses to the U.S. and to Israel: Time to Terminate the United States-Saudi Arabia Alliance?




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