Show the National Motto: In God We Trust

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Are you OK with being told you can’t talk about God?

The reaffirmation of “In God We Trust” is a significant step in protecting and preserving our first amendment right to religious liberty, a freedom that is being threatened by an ongoing battle to remove God from the public domain in America. The word “God” and the motto “In God We Trust” have been challenged, especially regarding their display in public buildings such as in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and schools.

If acknowledgment of God is removed from the United States, it allows the government freedom to set the moral order of right and wrong. The Congressional reaffirmation of “In God We Trust” is a move that solidifies the foundation set by the Founding Fathers, who established this nation on the belief that God sets the moral order. If this were to be removed from our nation’s beliefs, it would give the government license to control the lives of the American citizens based on its own moral code.

However, our Founding Fathers through the first amendment of the United States Constitution granted every citizen the constitutional right to freedom of religion. Atheists and many in the far left are trying to stop our National Motto from being displayed in public buildings. You can help by displaying the “In God We Trust” window sign in your car, your home, your business and by working to display the Motto at schools and other public places. Order yours today!



Are you OK with being told you can’t talk about God?

There’s no need to be quiet any longer. “In God We Trust” is more than just our national motto – it’s our country’s foundation and part of our identity as Americans. Since the U.S. Congress passed Resolution 13* with an overwhelming 396/9 vote in November, 2011, reaffirming our national motto and encouraging its public display, elected leaders and citizens have taken action to display “In God We Trust” in government buildings, Courtrooms, schools and businesses


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