American Islamist Arrested On Way To Jihad In Syria

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Shannon Conley, a wanna-be ISIS terrorist from Colorado.

Shannon Conley, a wanna-be ISIS terrorist from Colorado.

Shannon Maureen Conley, a 19-year-old girl from Colorado, has been arrested by the FBI on her way to jihad with ISIS in Syria.

Conley, who converted to Islam by reading jihadist materials on the Internet, was planning on providing medical and military training to ISIS, now called the “Islamic State” in Syria.

The FBI arrested her at Denver International Airport on her way to Turkey where she was going to eventually travel into Syria to join the terrorist army against the Syrian government.

Conley aroused the suspicion of FBI agents when she began attending Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado. Employees confronted her when they noticed she was mapping out the church facility. They feared she was planning a terrorist attack on the church. She told FBI agents that she felt hatred against the church for its support of Israel.

She later attended a U.S. Army Explorers program in Texas to learn military tactics – knowledge she was going to give to the jihadists in Syria.

Conley is the sixth American this year to arrested on their way to Syria to become an Islamic terrorist.

How many Islamist Americans haven’t been caught by the FBI? And, how many of them will return to the U.S. to engage in home-grown terrorist actions against churches, malls, government facilities and other facilities?

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