Wall Street Journal admits U.S. is puppet of Saudi royals in Middle East

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by William J. Murray, Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition

Buried about 2,000 words deep in a Wall Street Journal article titled “Iraqi Losses Spur U.S. to Rethink Syria,” the hard truth is told. We cannot help the Iraqi government fight off the Sunni terrorists ISIS (ISIL) because it would offend the totalitarian Saudi royal family. The Journal comment makes clear why there can be no U.S. airstrikes:

One of the biggest risks is the possibility that U.S. airstrikes against Sunni militants could be viewed across the region as an attempt by America to tip the balance of power in favor of Shiite forces. That could imperil U.S. relations with key Middle East power brokers, including Saudi Arabia.

Numerous voices in news commentaries, including hawkish conservatives, are warning that bombing the Sunni forces of the ISIS could backfire. And UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon says that possible airstrikes against the ISIS Sunni army in Iraq could be ineffective and backfire:

The Sunni extremists of (ISIS) are trying to show that the governments in Baghdad, Iran and the United States are working together to support atrocities against Sunnis,” Ban said. “This would help them mobilize support from the Sunni majority that does not share the extremists’ agenda. It is essential that the government of Iraq and its supporters do everything possible to avoid falling into this trap.

Even the pro-Saudi conservative war hawk Washington Times admitted in a front page story on June 25th that the core of the issue is Saudi support for Sunni rebels:

What makes ISIL even more dangerous is its ability to raise, and steal, money. Wealthy Sunni sheiks in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have funneled money to ISIL to help it bring down the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is an Alawite, an offshoot of Shia Islam. Mr. Assad aligns himself with Shiite-dominated Iran, and its proxy in Lebanon, the militant group Hezbollah.

Oil-rich, Sunni-dominated Gulf states consider the Shiite-led regimes a threat.

The Obama Administration finds itself in the unique position of supporting the Sunni uprising in Syria at the behest of the Saudi royals, while at the same time fighting some of the same Sunni “rebels” in Iraq. In fact there is clear evidence that in 2012 the CIA was still training ISIS “rebels” at a secret camp in Jordan to fight the secular government in Syria.

More than three years ago the totalitarian royal dictators of Saudi Arabia put up an initial $2 billion dollars to overthrow the secular government of Syria before one shot was fired or one demonstration was held in Homs. The Barack Obama Administration was well aware that arms were flowing into Syria for the purpose of a Sunni revolt against the secular Assad government that did not allow Christians to be forced into Sharia courts. Since that time the Saudis have paid in billions more and the royal Sunni dictator of Qatar has also tossed in a few billion more.

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Unlike the ISIS, the Free Syrian Army is a well-paid force, something that the Obama Administration does not want to admit. By early 2014 it is estimated that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Pakistan, Kuwait, the United States, European nations and independent terror groups have invested over $50 billion to topple the only Arab government in the world that guarantees religious freedom and protects Christians from persecution.

William Murray inspects the desecrated and fired Devic Monastery in Kosovo. Murray has witnessed firsthand the results of Islamic terror worldwide

William Murray inspects the desecrated and fired Devic Monastery in Kosovo. Murray has witnessed firsthand the results of Islamic terror worldwide

Seeing an organized and well-armed Syria as a threat and a backer of Hezbollah, the Israeli government of Netanyahu gave its blessing to the Saudi financed Sunni revolt in Syria and even supported it with air strikes against Syrian military sites. Now those “rebels” are a direct border threat to Israel.

During her rule in the State Department, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled around the world in 2012 announcing that “Assad’s days are numbered,” right before the Saudi financed “Damascus volcano” supported by the CIA took place in July, 2012. The Obama regime had bought the Saudi propaganda whole cloth, being persuaded that the people of Syria hated Assad, and that it would only take a few thousand Saudi supported mercenaries with AK-47’s to march toward Damascus, and all the people would side with them. Either the CIA was blind to reality, or they flat out lied to President Obama. The reality turned out to be much like the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion planned against Cuba by the CIA in 1961. The majority of people in Syria supported the secular Assad government, and there was no support for the Sunni rebels (Saudi mercenaries) except among hard core radicals who demanded a Sharia state similar to the one that exists in Saudi Arabia.

Now, Western powers are at a crossroads. The Sunni rebels once supported by Europe and the United States have taken nearly half of Iraq. The leaders of the ISIS boastfully threaten to conquer Israel and attack targets in Europe and the United States. The confused and hapless leaders of Europe and America are frozen in fear of offending the despotic murderous royals of Saudi Arabia, and do nothing to stop the tide of Sunni killers as their armies enlarge with recruits from all over the world.

What is the solution? There is only one real solution to the problems of the Middle East. Instead of being the proxy warriors for the Saudi royals the West needs to take control of Saudi Arabia and declare the oil fields the property of the citizens of that nation. Members of the Saudi royal family should have their ill gotten wealth stripped from them worldwide and face the ICC for their crimes. Once the Saudi center of Islamic evil in the world is gone, Western nations will be free to deal with Islamic terror elsewhere. This will also eliminate the distribution of Saudi textbooks filled with racial and religious hatred and preaching death to democracy in Islamic schools and mosques throughout the West. That alone will bring the recruiting of terrorists to a virtual halt.

The time has come for Western leaders to say “no more puppet strings” and turn against their Saudi masters. There is a better way to get Saudi oil than acting as the henchmen for the despots of Saudi Arabia –Just take it.

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