Supreme Court Deals Blow To Religious Freedom

Apr 8th, 2014 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates
This couple may be driven out of business by "gay" activists.

This couple may be driven out of business by “gay” activists.

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an important religious freedom case that pits homosexual behaviors against the rights of Christian business owners.

The case involves Elane Photography, a Christian-owned business in New Mexico. The owners were approached by two homosexual women to photograph their “commitment ceremony.”

The owners refused to accept their business because they believe that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman.

Instead of going to another photographer, the lesbians sued them under New Mexico’s anti-discrimination law – and won their case. The lawsuit went all the way to the New Mexico Supreme Court, which sided with the lesbian women against the Elane and Jonathan Huguenin.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has been defending the Huguenins against the violation of their religious liberties and freedom of conscience.

In rejecting their case, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the New Mexico Supreme Court ruling against the Huguenins. They now have three choices: go out of business, move to another state, or photograph homosexual wedding ceremonies against their religious beliefs.

According to ADF Senior Council Jordan Lorence:

“Only unjust laws separate what people say from what they believe. The First Amendment protects our freedom to speak or not speak on any issue without fear of punishment. We had hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would use this case to affirm this basic constitutional principle; however, the court will likely have several more opportunities to do just that in other cases of ours that are working their way through the court system.”

Watch this important discussion on this case:


It appears that whenever First Amendment freedoms clash with the “gay” political agenda, the First Amendment gets trashed and sodomists win.


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