British Students Subjected To Pro-Al Qaeda Propaganda In School Assembly

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Al-Awaki killed in drone strike

American-born Al Qaeda terrorist Al-Awlaki is praised by UK school teachers.

British students at Park View Academy Of Mathematics And Science were recently subjected to pro-Al Qaeda propaganda during a school assembly. The pro-terrorist propagandists were – wait for it – teachers at the school.

There are at least two known teachers at the school who are sympathetic to Al Qaeda and the teachings of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Al Qaeda leader who was dispatched to Muslim heaven by a CIA drone in 2011.

Non-Muslim members of the staff at Park View have been isolated, girls and boys are being segregated and nepotism was operating in the hiring of new teachers at the school.

Guess who is chairman of the governors at this school? Tahar Alam, who has run the school for 17 years and has staffed it with mostly Pakistani Muslims. According to Alam, this latest scandal “… is motivated by anti-Muslim, anti-Islam sentiment that is also sort of feeding this frenzy.”

In addition, the Department of Education is investigating more than 12 other schools in the area that appear to have been infiltrated by pro-terrorist teachers.

That devotion to multiculturalism isn’t working out so well in Britain. It appears to be a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists.

As the Daily Mail reports:

“Allegations of radical Islamist infiltration of several schools in Birmingham, apparently including Park View, first came to light last month when a letter referring to a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot was sent to the local council, then leaked to the media.

“The source and authenticity of the letter remains unclear, but it has led to the Department of Education investigating financial records and interviewing staff members at ‘more than 12 schools’ in the area.

“Education Secretary Michael Gove is believed to have taken a personal interest in the investigation, which includes both faith schools and secular establishments.

“Claims that Park View Academy employed members of staff sympathetic to Al-Qaeda were raised during the first visit by a journalist to the school since the ‘Trojan Horse’ allegations were made.”

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