Mother Jones Sees Vast Pro-Family Conspiracy in WCF’s Activities in Russia

Mar 4th, 2014 | By | Category: Weekly Washington Updates

WorldCongressofFamiliesMoscowBy Don Feder, World Congress Of Families Communications Director

On February 21, the leftist magazine and website Mother Jones (recipient of over $1.1 million from George Soros’ foundations) did what purports to be an expose of the World Congress of Families’ activities in Russia, including the upcoming World Congress of Families VIII (Moscow, September 10-12, 2014).

“How US Evangelicals Helped Create Russia’s Anti-Gay Movement,”   is filled with inaccuracies and distortions, chief among them that World Congress of Families is an “evangelical” organization.

WCF International Secretary Dr. Allan Carlson likes to say that we are a coalition of orthodox believers – Catholic, evangelical, Orthodox, Protestant, LDS, and Jewish – who don’t necessarily believe in the same things, but are united in our commitment to the natural family as the fundamental unit of a free society.  Several analysts have suggested, that the Catholic influence is more pronounced, but that doesn’t fit Mother Jones scenario of rampaging evangelicals “forcing” their values on society, at home and abroad.

The article leaves the impression that WCF is somehow responsible for various legislation including Russia’s child protection law (which it calls “anti-gay”) — passed unanimously by the State Duma last June – and recent restrictions on abortion.  In fact, Russia’s very traditional, faith-oriented society is naturally disposed to family-friendly measures.  This is strengthened by justifiable concerns over demographic decline in Russia. 

Also left out of the story was the fact that the World Congress of Families support for the natural family as the best policy for a free and prosperous nation has never included lobbying to promote the passage of any specific legislation in Russia or elsewhere.

Like a January 27 story in The Nation (“How US Evangelicals Fueled the Rise of Russia’s ‘Pro-Family Right’” (note the similarity in titles), the Mother Jones piece reflects the growing fears of cultural Marxists and radical sexual left.

While they’ve been operating internationally for decades – through the United Nations, European Union and entities like International Planned Parenthood Federation – the development of the international pro-family movement excites paranoia and conspiracy theories on the anti-family left.

With two stories by major organs of elite opinion in less than a month, we must be doing something right.



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