Muslim Mafia Approves Of Pentagon Uniform Changes For Muslims/Sikhs

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Allen West thinks the military uniform changes for Muslims and Sikhs is a terrible idea.

Allen West thinks the military uniform changes for Muslims and Sikhs is a terrible idea.

While Mikey Weinstein of the misnamed Military Religious Freedom Foundation is successfully purging Christianity from the U.S. military, Muslims and Sikhs are winning “accommodations” for the wearing of beards, hijabs, and other religious symbols as part of their uniforms in the military.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood front group, is pleased as it can be over the recently announced uniform policy change from the Obama-run Pentagon.

The new policy will permit the wearing of beards, turbans, hijabs (Muslim scarfs), and other Muslim or Sikh religious symbols by soldiers, sailors and Marines – as long as these don’t have an “adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, and good order and discipline.”

This is supposed to be a great victory for religious liberty, but it is just another willing surrender by the Obama Administration to totalitarian sharia law. It will create endless lawsuits and conflict within the military on what is or is not a Muslim or Sikh symbol – at the same time that Christian Chaplains are being told not to display their Bibles on their desks or end prayers with “In Jesus Name.”

Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) was on with Greta van Susteren on January 22, to discuss this issue and others. (His comments on the Pentagon uniform changes begin 6 minutes 22 seconds into the video.) Here is their exchange:

Van Susteren: Let me ask you another question. It’s about the military. There’s big news today at the Pentagon. The Pentagon announcing that it is relaxing its rules on religious apparel and hairstyles that troops can wear while in uniform. That means some turbans, tattoos, body piercing and facial hair will be permitted. Any religious items that post a safety hazard will still be banned. Congressman, a good idea to relax these rules?

Allen West: It’s a horrible idea. It’s part of the fundamental transformation of the United States of America and the social reengineering of our military. Let me give you an interesting hypocrisy. Just during this last Christmas season, we had a gentleman by the name of Mikey Weinstein that brought a complaint about the dining facility at Guantanamo Bay because they had a nativity scene and he wanted that nativity scene to be taken down. Now we’re saying everyone else can have their open expression of their religion, when here is a guy that does not want us to say “under God” as part of the Honor Code Oath of the United States Air Force Academy.

We could have seen this coming when the ruling during the Nadal Hasan case was that he would be allowed to keep his beard. This is a breakdown of the good order and discipline. I don’t understand why the administration would take this on. But I believe Chairman Joe Wilson, who is head of the subcommittee in the House on military personnel, should immediately call a hearing and start challenging this administration by making these unilateral decisions that’s going to affect the military and its personnel. Eventually, it will affect its readiness. It’s going to cause more complaints, more issues.


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