Saudi sentenced to 300 lashes, 4 yrs in jail after calling for constitutional monarchy

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Omar al-Saed

Omar al-Saed

Various news agencies are reporting on a Saudi citizen who has been sentenced to 300 lashes and four years in jail for calling for a constitutional monarchy such as exists in the UK and Spain. No condemnation of the brutal sentence has been issued by any member of the U.S Congress or the White House. Not even one European leader has made a public statement condemning not only this sentence, but previous brutal sentences on those calling for elections in Saudi Arabia which has been operated as a Nazi like dictatorship by one family since its founding in 1933 by the first King Saud.

The Saudi Kingdom is an exporter of bigotry, hatred and violence. Textbooks used in 90% of Islamic schools in the United States are printed in Saudi Arabia. Those textbooks contain vile statements about Jews and Christians and say that democracy is an “apostate religion” that must be destroyed. Still members of Congress are silent when Saudi citizens are punished for calling for democracy. Meanwhile Senator John McCain was in the Ukraine this weekend calling for the ouster of the democratically elected government of that nation.

[color-box] (RT.COM) A Saudi Arabian political activist was sentenced to four years in prison, 300 lashes, and a travel ban after calling for a constitutional monarchy. He is the fourth member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) to be jailed this year.

Omar al-Saed, 24, of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) was jailed after the organization called for democracy and made statements criticizing the country’s ruling family over its human rights record.” In a statement released by ACPRA al-Saed said:  “I am the proud prisoner Omar Mohammed al-Saed. I read out to you the motives and causes of my imprisonment: my hatred of injustice, the fabrication of pain and misery, taking advantage of passive attitudes, treating them as if they were fools, and denying them their livelihoods for bruheretal personal ambition.” [/color-box]

The United States supported the overthrow of the Egyptian government which had a more or less free press and elections because religious parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood were not allowed to participate. Although no publicized in the West Syria also had a freely elected parliament although again religious parties were not allowed to participate. Currently the United States and Europe are supporting jihadists in overthrowing the secular government of Syria in favor of an Islamist state.

[color-box]According to Reuters “Al-Saed was not allowed legal representation at the secret hearing in which he received his sentence, according to an ACPRA statement. The judge denied that the session had been kept secret, but al-Saed rebutted that for a session to be public, it must be announced prior to its taking place so that proper representatives are able to attend and people can bear witness to its proceedings.”

This unjust sentence is an honor and pride to Omar al-Saed and a disgrace and shame to Judge Issa al-Matrudi,” the activist’s brother, Abdullah al-Saed, tweeted after learning of the sentence late on Thursday.

It’s just another troubling instance of Saudi authorities’ absolute refusal to countenance any activism or criticism of Saudi policies or human rights abuses,” Adam Coogle, a Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch told Reuters on Sunday. [/color-box]

Amnesty International has spoken out against the regime’s oppressive practices, releasing a report titled “Saudi Arabia: Unfulfilled Promises” in October. The report slammed the country for failing to implement any of the main recommendations they accepted under a previous review by the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which took place in 2009.

Recently members of the U.S. Congress have obtained access to 26 pages of the official report on 9-11 that were redacted by the George W. Bush Administration that clearly point to Saudi Arabian finacing of the jihad attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Saudi’s continue to be protected by the Obama Administration. In his first meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia President Barack Obama actually bowed to him.

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