China Faces Muslim Terrorism

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Islamists kill tourists in Tiananmen Square in China.

Islamists kill tourists in Tiananmen Square in China.

On October 28, Islamists seeking independence for the Muslim Uighur minority, ploughed a Mercedes-Benz SUV into as crowd at Tiananmen Square. The SUV exploded, killing three passengers, two tourists and injured 40 other people.

As a result of this attack, Communist Peng Yong was removed from his post in the western region of Xinjiang, where Uighurs are seeking independence.

There are an estimated nine million Uighurs who live in this area of China. The Islamist group attacking tourists in Tiananmen Square was the East Turkestan Islamic Movement that has possible ties to Al Qaeda.

The driver of the SUV was identified as Usmen Hasan, an ethnic Uighur from Xinjiang. The police found machetes and an Islamic flag in the charred remains of the SUV.

The head of the Turkistan Islamic Party, Abdullah Mansour, praised the Tiananmen Square attack. He described the attack as a “jihadi operation” and promised future attacks in such places as the Great Hal of the People, China’s legislative seat.

One can only wonder when the Obama Administration will blame Israel for the latest Uighur attack in China. Leftists and Muslim apologists always seem to blame Israel for Islamist hostility and violence.

Of course, these leftists and apologists for terror don’t seem to remember that our first war with Islam began under President Thomas Jefferson, who had to deal with the Muslim Barbary Pirates in Libya. This was long before Israel existed as a nation.

Obama has claimed in speeches that America is not at war with Islam and never will be. Under his regime, he’s right. In fact, he’s an ally of Islam and an enemy of Israel. Is he so clueless that he doesn’t understand that Islam is at war with the rest of the world – whether we like it or not? It’s been at war with the non-Muslim world ever since Mohammed began swinging his sword to cut off the heads of anyone who opposed him. They’ve been waging war against the West for 1,400 years and it will never stop until we recognize the enemy for what it is – and deal with it with military might.

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