Brandeis University Cancels Partnership With Arab University

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Arab students rally for suicide bombers and give the Nazi salute at Al Quds University.

Arab students rally for suicide bombers and give the Nazi salute at Al Quds University.

Gary Bauer, who heads up the Campaign For Working Families reported yesterday on Brandeis University and its long-time partnership with Al Quds University in Jerusalem.

Al Quds is a school for Palestinian Arabs. According to Bauer, the partnership was founded in part by the Ford Foundation for promoting “peace and understanding.”

Brandeis, however, just cancelled their partnership. Why? Because Al Quds recently held a pro-suicide bomber rally, which included demonstrators dressed in black military outfits, armed with fake automatic weapons – and doing the Nazi salute as they marched.

After videos of the event became public, Brandeis was criticized for failing to condemn such actions. Two weeks after the video went viral, Brandeis cancelled their partnership. Brandeis University was just mugged by reality and had the good sense to cancel their partnership.

Obama, John Kerry, and their pro-Islam minions, however, are still rushing to “compromise” with Islamic nations like Iran and organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood. This nation and this organization are still devoted to the destruction of Israel and the United States. One seeks to destroy by nuclear weapons; the other by infiltration and lying propaganda.

And, we must never forget who now runs the Central Intelligence Agency: John Brennan, suspected of being a Muslim convert and one of the most vocal pro-Islam fanatics in the Obama Administration.

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