Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison To Appear With Egyptian Nazi Leader

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Muslims and Nazis are natural allies. They both hate Jews and democratic government.

Muslims and Nazis are natural allies. They both hate Jews and democratic government.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison will be on the roster with Obama’s Muslim advisor Dalia Mogahed and Ramy Jan, one of the founders of the Egyptian Nazi Party at an event in December in Georgetown.  

The event is to be held at the Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding in Georgetown. The title of the event is “Egypt And The Struggle For Democracy.”

Dalia Mogahed has been Obama’s liaison with the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison, of course, is a radical Muslim who was formerly a follower of Nation of Islam black racist Louis Farrakhan. Ellison took the oath of office for Congress on the Koran, not the Bible. And, it wasn’t just any Koran. It was the one used by Thomas Jefferson, when Jefferson was studying about the threat that Islam posed to the western world.

The appearance of Ellison, Mogahed, and a Nazi sympathizer on the same speaker’s list isn’t that unusual at all. In fact, the Muslims had aligned with Hitler during World War II because they share a mutual hatred of Jews. Ellison, of course, is a leftist who favors totalitarian government, not democracy. He is a leader in both the Black Congressional Caucus and the Progressive Congressional Caucus. The Progressive Caucus also includes Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and dozens of other Democrats who favor socialist policies that undermine the free enterprise system and our Republican form of government. ObamaCare is one of their latest achievements in the effort to destroy capitalism.

The Muslims and Leftists are allies in the ongoing war against Western Civilization. This alliance has been well documented in United In Hate and Unholy Alliance.

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