Syrian Christians Being Killed By Obama’s Free Syrian Army Forces

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The Daily Beast reported today that Syrian Christians who have fled from their homeland into Turkey, are telling reporters that soldiers with the Free Syrian Army are kidnapping, raping, and killing Christians who remain in Syria. The Free Syrian Army is the so-called “moderate” group supported by Obama and Senator John McCain.

According to The Daily Beast:

Christian refugees who have recently arrived in southeast Turkey—many of whom are retreading the steps of their forebears, who fled persecution in southern Turkey during the last century—say Christians are being seen as fair game by an assortment of jihadists and Islamist rebels, including FSA-affiliated fighters and others with the Army of Islam. Most of the targeting of Syrian Christians has been blamed on al Qaeda affiliates Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Syria and Sham (ISIS), but refugees like 45-year-old school director Rahel say the picture inside is more confused.

She says jihadists weren’t in her predominantly Christian hamlet of al-Yakubiye in Syria’s northwest province of Idlib. FSA fighters from neighboring Sunni Muslim villages were the problem.


“Al Nusra didn’t come to our village; the people who came were from villages close by, and they were Free Syrian Army,” Rahel says.  Christians were targeted because they were seen as being pro-Assad, although she added some of the persecution was motivated also by greed, with the better-off being picked off first and their property divided by powerful local Sunni Muslim families.

Sitting on the terrace of a restored stone house in the small Turkish town of Midyat, where she lives for free along with her husband and four children thanks to a local Christian charity, Rahel says she can see no future for Christians in Syria. She says that the last few months have taught her one thing: “It is not possible for Christians to live there anymore.”

In the city of al-Yakubiye, nearly all of the Christians have fled after half a dozen were beheaded and 20 more were kidnapped.

Nearly half a million Syrians have fled into Turkey and Lebanon since the carnage began two years ago – and Barack Hussein Obama has been complicit in this slaughter of Christians and the supporters of the Assad regime.

Read more on this at The Daily Beast.


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