Obama Administration Puts A Price On Your Religious Liberty

Nov 19th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts

Obama never met an abortion he didn't likeThe Obama Administration’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has put a price on the head of any religious employer who dares to violate Obamacare’s abortion/sterilization/contraceptive mandate.

Sebelius has issued thousands of pages of regulations for Obamacare. Among these regulations is a stiff penalty for any religious employer who refuses to supply abortion pills, sterilization services, and contraceptives.

If a religious employer violates the abortion mandate, he is subjected to a fine of $100 a day, per employee, per year. If an employer has a staff of 100 people, he would face a fine of $3.65 million a year for adhering to his sincerely-held faith.

Obamacare is the first legislation in history that “legally” forces employers to provide abortion services to their employees – and punishes them for not violating their religious beliefs.

Obamacare is also the first legislation in American history that forces Americans to buy a product they don’t want and can’t afford. What’s next? Will Obama force all of us to buy electric cars that cost $100,000 and travels only 35 miles on one charge?

Obama lied to the American people repeatedly. He is guilty of fraud and is violating the First Amendment by forcing religious Americans to violate their religious beliefs and freedom of conscience on the issue of abortion and the sanctity of human life.

At this writing, more than 5.5 million Americans have already lost their health care insurance – but Obama assures them that they’ll “get a better deal” if they log on to the non-functioning health.gov web site. He’s lying. And, when caught in a lie, he lies again to spin his way out.

Obama has no constitutional or legal right to force Americans to purchase health insurance, but he’s doing it anyway. Obama is a tyrant – a man who rules without conscience and without legal authority.

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