Al Qaeda Beheads Jihadist Fighter By Mistake

Nov 15th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts
Terrorists hold the head of a fellow terrorist on a stick and videotape it.

Terrorists hold the head of a fellow terrorist on a stick and videotape it.

Opps – Wrong guy beheaded. Islam is a religion of death. The very tenets of Islam promote murder, rape and theft. It is then no surprise then that the ruthless killers of the Islamic terrorist group Islamic State Of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) beheaded a Muslim named Mohammed Fares and stuck his head on a stick and posted the horrific incident on YouTube.

After the footage became public, however,  other Obama supported terrorists watching beheadings on YouTube for fun recognized him as one of their own fellow Islamic terrorists. The announced that the decapitated head being held up on a stage was a fellow terrorist who had been wounded in battle.

Now, the terrorists are asking for forgiveness for their “mistake.” According to the UK Daily Mail, the terrorists are trying to explain their error “… by referring to a story in which the prophet Mohammed said Allah would forgive a man who killed a believer by mistake.

“An ISIS spokesman, Oma al-Qahtani, confirmed Mr. Fares had been injured in fighting and had been captured by soldiers who believed he was fighting against them. He has now said an investigation into the death would be carried out by the appropriate authorities.”

Beheading a vanquished enemy is part of Islamic theology. It is designed to terrify others and to humiliate the person who is killed. Often, the beheadings are done with a knife and done slowly to cause maximum pain. On other occasions, the head is sawn off. In Saudi Arabia, public executioners use a large sword to kill adulterers and other violators of Islamic law.

This is the “religion of peace and tolerance” so often described by Barack Hussein Obama when he is apologizing for America’s greatness to Muslim audiences.

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