Mortar fire kills 9 children at Damascus school

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I was in the process of posting a story about the funerals of four Christian children killed by mortar fire from the Barack Obama supported rebels in Syria two days ago when this new story came in of nine more children being murdered by Barack Obama’s boys in Syria. (Note to the CIA case officer assigned to reading this: Shame on you and all those in the CIA who assist these murderers. Resign your post today, beg God for forgiveness and publicly apologize to the civilized world for your actions.) The story of the four children killed by Barack Obama’s rebels follows this one.  – William J Murray, editor
Nine children were killed and 27 people wounded when mortar rounds hit a school and a school bus in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday,

Nine children were killed and 27 people wounded when mortar rounds hit a school and a school bus in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday

Nov 11, – Damascus: Nine children were killed and 27 people wounded when mortar rounds hit a school and a school bus in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, state television reported.

“The toll in the terrorist targeting of the St. Johns of Damascus school with mortar rounds has risen to five dead, all of them children, and 27 injured,” a news alert on Syrian state television said.

Another four students were killed when a mortar hit the vehicle they were in, in the central Bab Sharqi district of the capital, state news agency SANA said, adding that the driver was also killed.

Six others inside the bus, including four more students, were wounded in the “terrorist attack,” SANA said.

The regime of President Bashar Al Assad uses the blanket term “terrorists” to refer to the opposition.

Earlier, the interior minister told the official Al Ikhbariya channel that 11 children had been hurt at the school in the majority Christian district of Qassaa, in central Damascus.

Both incidents took place in majority Christian district of the capital.

Rebel fighters arrayed in districts on the outskirts of the capital regularly launch rockets and mortar rounds at central neighbourhoods, causing damage and sometimes fatalities.

In northern Aleppo province meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group said at least five people were killed in a suicide car bomb blast in Ain Al Arab, a Kurdish majority town on the Turkey border.

Press journalist for HRO media – Khizer Hayat contributed to this report.

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Funerals of 4 slain Syrian kids held in Damascus

VIA Xinhua

Funerals were held Tuesday for four schoolchildren, who lost their lives a day earlier when a rebel mortar shell struck their mini-bus in a Christian-dominated district of the capital Damascus.

At the Mujtahed Hospital in Damascus, grieving families of the slain children oversaw the burial preparations of their kids, putting them in coffins and driving their cascades to churches in their neighborhoods for final prayers.

The four kids were killed in their minibus in Bab Sharqi area along with their driver, whose mother urged President Bashar al- Assad during the funeral ceremony to “rid us of the criminals,” referring to the rebels in nearby areas, who have focused their attacks over the past few months on many districts, mainly in south and east of Damascus.

Damascenes have become fed up with the indiscriminate shelling by the rebels, who claim that they target security and military positions, but their mortars always land at residential areas.

A group of young Syrians have established a Facebook page, naming it “the Diary of a Mortar Shell,” in which they list the number of mortars that daily strike Damascus.

The page, with more than 50,000 followers, said that two people were killed Tuesday when a mortar shell struck the al-Mazra’a district in Damascus.

The mortars “diary” documents an average of 10 mortars on daily basis.

The rebels, on their side, claim that shelling Damascus comes as a response to the tight siege their areas have been suffering by the government troops.

Syria’s state-run SANA news agency said that 16 people were injured Tuesday in Damascus by mortar shells.


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