Islam, homosexuality and death – Too powerful to discribe

Nov 4th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts

sheikquickgayAt an address delivered in English in Norway, Fahad Qureshi, founder of the Norwegian Islam Net organization, said that it was “normal” Muslims, not just radical extremists, who supported the death penalty for homosexuals and stoning for adulterers. When he asked who supported the punishments prescribed in the Koran, the vast majority of those present raised their hands.

Below is the video and the transcript furnished by MEMRI.

Oddly … The American “gay community” is currently targeting Christian Russia which is extremely tolerant of homosexuality. Why? It is against the law in Russia for homosexuals to provide children under the age of 18 with literature and films promoting homosexuality. But the good liberals in the gay community can find no evil in Islam unless a homosexual is actually hung somewhere like Saudi Arabia. Currently to be a good liberal one must be both pro-gay and pro-Islam and how that works in the minds of liberals is a greater mystery than virgin birth.


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