Vandalized Ten Commandment memorial is re-dedicated

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Rev. Rob Schenck along with William J. Murray and others at re-dedication ceremony

Rev. Rob Schenk along with William J. Murray and others at re-dedication ceremony

By William J Murray

On September 21st the monument of the Ten Commandments in front of Faith and Action ministry center directly behind the Supreme Court was attacked by vandals and toppled to the ground on its face. The 850-pound granite sculpture had stood for a dozen years as a silent witness to biblical truth. It is virtually impossible for a Justice to enter the Supreme Court underground parking lot without seeing the Ten Commandments monument.  Members of Congress, many of whom travel in front of the ministry center on their way to and from their offices at each end of the street, often comment on the Decalogue.

The Faith and Action ministry is headed by my good friend Rev. Rob Schenk. Over the years he and I have been involved in many projects together and my previous Chief-of-Staff now works in that position for Rev. Schenk. Since the small older town home our office was once located in on 2nd Street was torn down to build a huge condo I have used Rob’s location for many events because of its size and easy access for Members of Congress.

When I heard that vandals had knocked down the 850 pound monument I was shocked because of the location. The East side of the Supreme Court Building is literally across the street and is covered by cameras from all angels. In fact there are very clear videos of the vandals knocking down the monument but they have not as yet been captured.

Just a little over a month after the Ten Commandment monument was toppled it was reinforced and put back in place. This is not the easy task that it may seem as the 850 pound granite monument can’t just sit on the ground, it must have a firm, attached foundation. I was one of several speakers at the re-dedication service for the monument held on October 29th.

Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), who is a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus spoke at the event highlighting the fact that we are indeed in a culture war and that the toppling of the Ten Commandments across the street from the Supreme Court was indeed symbolic. Congressman Wilson told the press covering the re-dedication that “we must never give up and if the Ten Commandments are toppled we must put them right back up.”


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