International Religious Freedom Day Gets Scant Attention

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AttacksReligiousLibertyIn October of 2003, Congress designated October 27 as International Religious Freedom Day.

In its support of international religious liberty, Congress stated:

“Whereas the people of the United States enjoy and respect the freedom of religion and believe that the fundamental rights of all individuals shall be recognized…

“Whereas religious freedom is an absolute human right and all people are entitled to do with their own souls as they choose.” (S. Res. 251, October 23, 2003)

This year, International Religious Freedom Day is on Sunday, but it’s difficult to find any mention of it on the internet or in any media outlets.

The issue of religious persecution around the world should be front and center for our government, but clearly it’s not under Obama. In fact, it has been Obama who has been one of the key political forces in creating more religious persecution around the world and in the United States since he took office.

Luke Hamilton was the only recent commentator we could find who devoted any time to a discussion of this upcoming day of remembrance.

Writing on, Hamilton observes:

Internationally, religious minorities are being forced out of their homes, looted, enslaved, raped, and murdered daily by those ethnic/religious majorities in power; most often Islamists and their totalitarian brethren, Communists. The churches of Coptic Christians are burned to the ground in Egypt. People of faith are jailed in Canada for their religious beliefs. Iranian pastors are imprisoned and tortured; their families receiving little or no information about the health of their loved ones. Government officials from neighboring countries brazenly talk about a future Middle-Eastern landscape, devoid of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Entire villages of African “infidels” are burned and slaughtered. All while the UN invites more wolves to the table to discuss tomorrow’s menu.


The recent exponential growth of hostility towards biblical religion in America can be laid at the feet of our current President. America has never had a President whose administration was more hostile to biblical faith and religious freedom. Despite his fumbling protestations of faith, made on the campaign trail or within earshot of influential ministers, President Obama’s administration has shown itself to be overtly antagonistic toward religious freedom.

Over the past 6 years, the writing on the wall of the White House has been increasingly plain to see. It reads, “Your religious freedom ends when it conflicts with my Progressive social agenda.” President Obama, like a good statist, believes that all rights are subject to government approval. He ignores the difference between rights which are granted by government as part of the social compact between the governors and the governed, like the right to operate a motor vehicle on a public thoroughfare, and rights which are granted by God alone and are not subject to government authority.

After all, Obama believes that government is to be god in the lives of the American people, not the one true God. And, like all true worshippers of government as god, Obama views himself as above mankind as the god-man who has infinite wisdom to rule his subjects without any restraint on his power.

Read Hamilton’s essay at and access credible information on the threat to religious liberty around the world at the United States Commission On International Religious Freedom.


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