Islamic police in Nigeria make arrests for violating Sharia law

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Christian homes in Tajak village, Kafanchan, were torched (Barnabas Aid)

Christian homes in Tajak village, Kafanchan, were torched (Barnabas Aid)

As Christians in Nigeria continue to suffer violent attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists, they are also facing official opposition as the authorities enforce an Islamist agenda in a number of states.

In Kano state, sharia law is being imposed on all citizens, including Christians. Islamic police are deploying 10,000 officers to ensure that rules regarding “indecent dress” and gender mixing are enforced.

They are particularly targeting rickshaw taxi drivers; these tend to be young men who wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirts, which are considered to breach the dress rules. Drivers who carry men and women together in their vehicles will also face arrest.

[color-box]NEW: KANO, (Nigeria): Police who enforce Islamic law in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano have arrested 150 people in the last week, including for indecent dress, as part of a crackdown on immorality, a spokesman said on Tuesday. Some people in Nigeria’s second city have been picked up for sporting hair styles inspired by prominent international football players, said Mohammed Yusuf Yola, spokesman for Kano’s sharia police, or Hisbah. Times of India[/color-box]

Others were thrown in jail and fined for wearing their trousers too low on their waists, mimicking a style that became prominent in the 1990s, partly through the influence of some American hip hop artists. Nine of Nigeria’s 37 states have introduced sharia law since 2000, but they interpret it differently and impose it to various degrees of strictness. Three other states have introduced sharia only for Muslims who want to use it in matters of family law.

In Borno state, the authorities have announced a plan to demolish 25 churches and Christian schools, ostensibly to make room for new housing. But no development plans have been produced, and Christian leaders believe that this is actually another attempt to persecute the Christian minority. Read more

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