In Syria those of Christian faith are forced to pay for FSA food and weaponry

Oct 19th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts

FSA wallThe rebels aren’t only fighting Assad, but also compete with each other – even for media attention – being among journalists is considered to be prestigious.

But for some militants the press is just a source of income, with at least 15 foreign journalists currently being held hostage in Syria. The latest incident, on Thursday, saw a team from Sky News Arabia going missing.

With so many rebel groups in their town, the Yabroud’s locals – especially, those of Christian faith – are paying the bills for the opposition’s food and weaponry.

“We as Christians pay so-called taxes. This is our input into society. We go to church and pay taxes. Muslims also pay,” Wassim Bara, chief of the Revolutionary Tribunal, explained. “We pay for the internal security brigades and for relief, aid and courts. They appeared because of the revolution – and they need money.”

Yabroud’s Christians families are forced to pay a tax $35,000 per month to the Islamist rebels, Patriarch Gregorios III, the leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, said earlier this week. Read more


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