Pentagon Backtracks On AFA Attack As Hate Group

Oct 17th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts

SouthernPovertyLawCenterOfficials at the Pentagon have issued a statement that listing the American Family Association as a hate group doesn’t reflect the policies of the Department of Defense.

The DoD was under scrutiny recently for a training session at Camp Shelby, Mississippi that included materials that included the AFA alongside the KKK, Nazis and Black Panthers as hate groups.

The materials had used resources from the leftist hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which issues “hate group” lists. These usually include Christian organizations that oppose the “gay” agenda, illegal immigration, and abortion.

[color-box]FLASH – Watch Starns at Fox News for upcoming story. It now appears that this many other Army bases are using this materiel from the Southern Poverty Law Center including Ft. Hood. the Pentagon is lying![/color-box]

George Wright, an Army spokesman for the Pentagon, said that the training session and materials were not produced by the Army and does not reflect Pentagon policies. According to Wright: “It was produced by a soldier conducting a briefing which included info acquired from an Internet search. Info was not pulled from official Army sources, nor was it approved by senior Army leaders, senior equal opportunity counselors or judge-advocate personnel.”

Tim Wildmon, head of AFA doesn’t believe Wright. He says these materials are being used throughout the Armed Forces.

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