Self-Proclaimed American Jihadist Released By Obama DOJ

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By William J Murray

The smiling jihadist Eric Harroun from Phoenix, Arizona.

The smiling jihadist Eric Harroun from Phoenix, Arizona.

Eric Harroun, the self-described American jihadist who fought in Syria, was sentenced on September 19, to a few months of “time served” by a federal judge in Virginia.

This self-proclaimed jihadist walked out of the court a free man!

Court documents reveal that he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transfer defense articles and services. The government has sealed the case, allowing no one to get further details.

Harroun was arrested in March when he returned to the United States and was charged with conspiring to use a rocket propelled grenade while fighting for the al-Nusra Front in Syria. He could have received 30 years to life under those charges, however they were dropped.

At the time of his arrest Harroun was considered so dangerous by the government that he had been placed on a “no-fly” list. He was only temporary removed from the no-fly list to allow him to return to the United States where he was arrested.

According to the original FBI affidavit, Eric Harroun crossed into Syria in January and received training from the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate. He was trained in using rocket propelled grenades (RPG) which he is pictured with above.

Why was he not prosecuted for aiding al-Qaeda?  He admitted violating the Neutrality Act which forbids any American (including John McCain) from assisting in the overthrow of an established government. There are plenty of still photos and videos of him on the Internet with al-Nusra fighters — yet he walked with a slap on the hand. Why?

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CNN summed up the problem Obama’s Justice Department had with Eric Harroun this way: “The case appeared to present the United States with a thorny problem — Harroun allegedly was fighting against the Syrian government which the United States also opposes. But the United States considers the al-Nusra Front a terrorist group.”

Dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of young male Somalis from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and other parts of the United States have vanished over the past two years. Just recently American Omar Hammami, known in the terrorist organization of al-Shabaab as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, was killed in a gun battle between factions of al-Qaeda in Somalia. A war is raging in Somalia and many young American Muslims with Somali ancestry have gone there to fight. (more below)

There are other Americans are associated with al-Qaeda in some way or the other as well. Anwar al-Awlaki, the American imam who spoke at the Pentagon after 9-11, was killed in Yemen in a drone strike ordered by President Obama. By assisting Islamic terrorists in Syria and letting off Americans who desire to participate in jihad lightly, President Barack Obama is giving a green light to radicalized American Muslims to join forces with radical groups in Africa and the Middle East.

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