Syrian Jihadists Target Both Jews & Christians For Ethnic Cleansing

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Funeral procession in Syria for Christians killed by Islamists on September 10, 2013.

Funeral procession in Syria for Christians killed by Islamists on September 10, 2013.

Islamists have a saying that’s proving all too true in Syria: “On Saturday, we kill the Jews, on Sunday we kill the Christians” – or “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”

As Hudson Institute fellow Lela Gilbert recently observed:

It’s a plan for religious cleansing, pronounced by radical leaders and enacted by jihadi warriors.

Today, nearly all the Saturday people are gone from the countries that were their homelands for centuries, even millennia.

And, today, the Christians — the Sunday people — are paying a terrible price for their faith. Particularly in Egypt and in Syria, where virtually no Jews remain, stories of assaults on Christian homes and businesses; wanton destruction of churches; the disappearance, rape, and murder of women; mob-driven atrocities against women, men, and children; and the murder of priests and pastors are reported nearly every day.

Gilbert describes a recent event in the village of Maalula, where a Christian woman named Rasha, discovered that her finance’s throat had been slit by a member of the Free Syrian Army (these are the “moderates” so admired by Kerry, Obama, McCain and Graham:

[color-box]Some informed observers fear that the Christian communities of the Middle East — the cradle of Christianity — will no longer exist in another hundred years.

Syria’s brutal treatment of its minorities is tragically reflected in an AFP report, also posted on September 11, in which Rasha, a young Maalula woman, described a phone conversation that took place when she was trying to locate her fiancé Atef.

“I rang his mobile phone and one of them answered,” she said.

“Good morning, Rashrush,” a voice answered, using her nickname. “We are from the Free Syrian Army. Do you know your fiance was a member of the shabiha [pro-regime militia] who was carrying weapons, and we have slit his throat.”

The man told her Atef had been given the option of converting to Islam, but had refused.

“Jesus didn’t come to save him,” he taunted.[/color-box]

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