Don’t help Islamist rebels say two out of three voters

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New Fox News poll shows total disconnect between voters and the media-political axis

ObamaWarThe numbers on the brand new Fox News poll are stunning. The majority of Americans  don’t want military involvement even if the Assad government had used chemical weapons. And many Americans either don’t believe the Syrian government used chemical weapons or believe that it was the Islamist rebels who did.

According to Fox News:

[color-box]Voters also oppose using force to help the anti-government rebels (by 67-27 percent), and to send a message to Iran about using chemical weapons (by 61-36 percent).

Despite two-thirds of voters (66 percent) saying the Syrian government used gas on its citizens, just 36 percent favor using force to punish Syria for that (61 percent oppose).

Even among just those who believe Syria used gas on its citizens, more oppose (53 percent) than support (42 percent) using force as punishment.[/color-box]

The entire “red-line” issue and Obama’s backing of the Islamist rebels has cost him in the polls as well according to Fox News:

[color-box] Disapproval of Obama’s handling of Syria has jumped to 60 percent, up from 40 percent in May.  And more voters describe him as a “weak and indecisive leader” on foreign policy (48 percent) than a “strong and decisive leader” (42 percent).

Overall, 40 percent approve of the job Obama’s doing as president, while a record-high 54 percent disapprove. Approval of Obama’s performance has only been this low once before (December 2010). [/color-box]

Americans are tired of wars in which the United States tries to set up Jeffersonian democracies in Islamic nations. It didn’t work for George W. Bush in Afghanistan or Iraq and it has not worked for Barack Obama in Yemen, Libya or Egypt. Voters don’t want involved in any more civil wars involving Muslims according to the Fox poll:

[color-box] Two-thirds think the U.S. should stay out of Syria because it’s a civil war and the U.S. could end up helping anti-American extremists (68 percent). That’s unchanged from earlier this year.

Also, most voters think taking action will provoke (74 percent) rather than prevent (15 percent) additional violence in the Middle East. [/color-box]

See Fox News poll here

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