Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes On Obama’s Impending Syria Attack

Aug 30th, 2013 | By | Category: News Posts
Syrian Jihadists.

Syrian Jihadists.

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) appeared on Fox News with Bill Hemmer yesterday to discuss his disapproval of Obama’s impending attack on Syrian military targets. Forbes is a Member of the Armed Services Committee as are several other Virginia congressmen because of the major military bases in Virginia. More than half of all aircraft carriers are based in Virginia along with their support vessels would be the first in harms way if sent to battle Syria. Forbes is also the chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

Forbes also sent out an email yesterday to his constituents in Virginia on his views on Obama’s planned attack and his violation of the War Powers Act.

In his e-mail Forbes said:

[color-box] I strongly believe that the President is obligated to the American people and to Congress to define the United States’ national interests regarding an intervention in Syria, as well as to define strategic objectives, a plan for the implementation of that strategy, and standards with which to assess the accomplishment of our objectives.

I cannot support any action that could potentially lock the United States into a foreign entanglement with no clear objective or readily accessible end goals. We cannot risk losing focus on Iranian threats in the region and we cannot put increased pressure on a military already stretched too thin by this Administration’s reckless defense cuts. [/color-box]

Watch Congressman Forbes explain his position against a strike on Syria on Fox News:


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