Heritage Foundation Analyzes N.M. ‘Gay’ Vs. Religious Liberty Case

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gaymarriageRyan T. Anderson, the William E. Simon Fellow at The Heritage Foundation has just published an article on the recent New Mexico Supreme Court ruling that gives “gays” more rights than Christians.

As Anderson explains:

Last week, the Supreme Court of New Mexico ruled that the First Amendment does not protect a Christian photographer’s ability to decline to take pictures of a same-sex commitment ceremony—even when doing so would violate the photographer’s deeply held religious beliefs. As Elaine Huguenin, owner of Elane Photography, explained: “The message a same-sex commitment ceremony communicates is not one I believe.”

But New Mexico’s highest court, deciding an appeal of the case, today agreed with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission and ruled against Elane Photography, concluding that neither protections of free speech nor free exercise of religion apply.

Elaine and her husband Jon, both committed Christians, run their small photography business in Albuquerque, N.M. In 2006, she declined the request to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony. In 2008, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission ruled that by declining to use its artistic and expressive skills to communicate what was said and what occurred at the ceremony, the business had engaged in illegal discrimination based on sexual orientation.

As Anderson notes, the Huguenin’s didn’t refuse to take pictures of homosexuals, but only of same-sex marriages, based on their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. [color-box]New Mexico has no legal same-sex marriages or civil unions. They were being forced to take pictures of a “marriage” that doesn’t exist in law in New Mexico. But, that didn’t matter to the New Mexico Supreme Court Justices.[/color-box]

Anderson suggests that government officials not discriminate against those who uphold the historic definition of marriage. In our pro-“gay” culture, however, this is unlikely to happen any time soon. It is time to replace as many of these pro-homosexual judges and legislators as possible. If we fail to do so, biblical opposition to homosexuality will be criminalized even more than it is now. There will be stiff fines and jail time for those who dare criticize homosexuality.

Read Anderson’s article at The Heritage Foundation.

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