Ex-Imam: Islamists Run All Danish Mosques

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New Danish mosque to tower over other buidlings

A Danish Mega Mosque — training center for jihad.

Ex-Islamist Imam Ahmed Akkari is warning Danes that every mosque in Denmark is run by Islamists.

Akkari recently left the Islamist movement in Denmark and has been sounding the alarm against Islamist totalitarianism ever since.

According to Akkari:

The truth is that there is not a single mosque or Muslim organization in Denmark that is not run by Islamists. As soon as you enter the house of the believers, you are met with Islamism whether you want it or not. As soon as you become a devoted Muslim, you are infected by extremism.

Akkari warns Danes to stick to their traditions and not give preferential treatment to Muslim.

Akkari told an audience that Muslims “… should not have the right to behave badly in countries that have let them in. I once thought that Denmark was a country of pig-lovers that had to be forced to bend to Islam. Now I don’t understand why I thought that way. You have the right to keep your peaceful countries with your culture and traditions.”

It’s Not Only In Denmark – But America
A report published by the American Freedom Law Center in 2011, found that 80% of the mosques in the U.S. provide their worshippers with pro-Islamic Jihad materials and that the imams in these mosques promote such materials.

The abstract from this report found:

[color-box]A random survey of 100 representative mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers. Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all.

Mosques that presented as Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence-positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia-adherent counterparts. In 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts. The leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshipper study violence-positive texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques. Fifty-eight percent of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad.

The leadership of mosques that featured violence-positive literature was more likely to invite guest imams who were known to promote violent jihad than was the leadership of mosques that did not feature violence-positive literature on mosque premises.[/color-box]

Read more on this at: Ex-imam: Extremists run all Danish mosques; AFLC Co-Authors Startling Study of U.S. Mosques.

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