Barnabas Fund Airlifting Christians Out Of Sudan

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The Sudanese military is driving Christians out of the country in order to establish a 100% Islamic tyranny.

The Barnabas Fund, an international Christian relief organization is planning on airlifting nearly 3,500 Christians out of Sudan, in order to save their lives from Islamic terrorism.

The group has already removed 5,000 Christians from the nation, which is run by President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. This tyrant had declared that he will create a “100% Islamic constitution, without communism or secularism or Western [influences].”

The Christians will be airlifted to South Sudan, a small nation formed in 2011, where religious freedom is tolerated.

According to Julian Dobbs, the honorary director of the Barnabas Fund:

[color-box]We launched this as major global initiative, and have had such a tremendous response from the Christian community. The situation for Christians who have remained behind has proven to create hardships for them, especially for women and children.[/color-box]

Sharia law is heavily enforced in Sudan, where 98% of the population is Muslim.

The Barnabas Fund relief effort will cost an estimated $120,000 – mostly from private donations.

According to Fox News:

[color-box]Since the South Sudan gained independence in July 2011, Christians and churches in Sudan have faced increasing aggression. Church leaders have been threatened, arrested and abducted, and many Christian buildings and house of worship destroyed.  In April 2012, a church and Bible school also in Khartoum was burned to the ground by an Islamist mob, and in June another church there was bulldozed by local authorities.[/color-box]

Learn more at Fox News and on the Barnabas Fund web site.

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