Materials implicating Syrian gov in chemical attack prepared before incident

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[color-box]Several hours before the alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government this past week the “opposition” began posting pictures of the dead. Claiming 1,700 dead while showing older photos of twenty people being buried caused France and other Western leaders to demand “action.” Meanwhile the mass killing of Christians continue in Nigeria with no comment from Obama or any other Western leader. – Editor[/color-box]


Damascus before destruction by U.S. supported Islamists

Damascus before destruction by U.S. supported Islamists

Materials implicating the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad in chemical weapons use near Damascus were prepared prior to the alleged incident on August 21, the Russian foreign ministry said.

Moscow continues to monitor closely the event surrounding the “alleged”  chemical attack near Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich, said in a statement.

“We’re getting more new evidence that this criminal act was of a provocative nature,”
he stressed. “In particular, there are reports circulating on the Internet, in particular that the materials of the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action.”

The Damascus chemical attack accusations indicate the launch of “another anti-Syrian propaganda wave” and, in this context, the calls on the UN Security Council to immediately use force in Syria “heard from some EU capitals” are “unacceptable”, Lukashevich said. Read more

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